Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fire Pit Done!

I am astounded at how long it took me to finish this project. Of course, if I knew what I was doing, it would have been a 3 day project instead of what, 3 weeks? I didn't work on it every day (its too hot, too cold, I just can't bear looking at it today), and some days only an hour or 2 but now it is finally done and I'm fairly content with the out come. I do have another rock project in the back of my mind, but there are other things to finish up around here.

Now that the pit is done, I have a few largish (largish - no way in h*** that I can pick this sucker up, but I can probably roll it) rocks to place as accents. Then I can start putting the flagstones (see 'em stacked on the wall in the pic?) back into place around the fire pit. The plan is to space the stones in a pleasing pattern with some wide blank areas in between, then use mortar and decorative rocks to fill in the blank areas.

Gee, there are other benefits besides the self satisfaction in doing these projects. My core muscles are getting a pretty good workout, and I'm hardly going anywhere, so my gas bill is staying low.

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