Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wow HOT!

As in the weather. I was so busy complaining in my last post that I didn't take time to mention how stunningly beautiful it is around here right now. Oh, and my goodness, these incredibly huge butterflies were all over the Echium flowers, those things were almost as big as hummingbirds! I wish I'd managed a picture, but my little camera couldn't keep up. So I have just picture of the flowers. Lots of blooming flowers, all kinds of birds all over the place, and weather so warm all the windows are open. I know it won't last, and I wouldn't want it to, but I'm enjoying it right now. Update! The huge butterflies aren't butterflies at all, but White-lined Sphinx moths. Today I don't see any. They could be dead, apparently they die shortly after reproducing.

We've decided to redo a small part of the backyard. The Offspring are reluctant participants, but boy-oh-boy, are they big enough to get some work done now! We had an area partially covered with flagstones, and grassed growing between. At least that was the plan. Mostly the weeds were coming up in between with the grasses sort of here and there. It didn't seem like a very inviting place, so its getting a makeover.

The grasses and weeds were killed and dug up, and then the flagstones removed. The d.g. below is getting re leveled (it wasn't draining well before) and then the stones will be replaced and small river rock set in between. We're adding a fire pit to the area too, and I've just about finished digging out the footing. The Offspring have been collecting rock from around the property, and hopefully tomorrow I can start building the pit.

Oh, and tomorrow the solar panel installation crew comes to start our installation. Bye-bye electric bill!

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