Thursday, April 3, 2008


Do other people end up with themed days, or even weeks? The theme around the house lately is leaky stuff. The pool pump started leaking in February and needed a new gasket. The water heater started leaking last month and needed replacing. Another piece of pool equipment started leaking and needs replacing. The part is under warranty, but the labor to dig it out and replace it isn't. The irrigation line sub meter installation started leaking - the plumber came back and fixed it. And now that its not raining anymore, all the irrigation lines need checking for leaks or just function. Thankfully, none of the cars seem to be leaking anything, but when the repair guy came to fix the garage door, his truck leaked transmission fluid all over the driveway, puddles in some spots. Sometimes one of my dogs leaks too, that's sort of off and on. sigh...

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