Wednesday, June 25, 2008

maybe 2 is 2many

Wow, the calendar shows nearly 20 days since I last posted anything to this blog. Maybe I was overly ambitious in starting a second. Kinda like second child, or second pet syndrome. You know, the first one gets all the time and training, all the pictures and parties and such. Well, we'll see if I keep this up.

I have been busy. The boys finished school on the 12th, I did major hardware upgrades to Offspring #1's desktop. New motherboard, CPU, graphics card and ram, oh, and DVDr/w. Over the last 8 or 9 years I've done hardware upgrades to every desktop system in the house, multiple times, and they never work out exactly the same. Plus, whenever I start a new upgrade, the last one was long enough ago that I can't quite remember exactly what I did before. Some of those were very horrid, taking days to get everything working properly. *ind*ws xp doesn't exactly take kindly to major component changes.

The first few times I didn't really understand about xp, and ended up completely reinstalling the os, and then spending, like, 18 hours to go through all the service packs and security updates, and reinstall programs. uhhggg. And of course no install is complete without the requisite phone call to the call center in India to receive another authorization number for the os.

At any rate, the last upgrade went fairly well, the os did balk at bit at starting up but finally decided to play, and now Offspring #1 is able to once again spend hours engaged in yet another massive multi player whatever. Offspring #2 plays as well, but he had me upgrade his system some months ago. BTW, they both are required to pay for their own hardware.

Oh, ya know, part of why I wasn't posting much - we'd been having kick a** heat here, and I just couldn't bear having the 'puter on, generating that much more heat. So I really was trying to minimize use. And I was researching spinning wheels, having suddenly decided I must have one, and learn to spin. And researching how to spin. More about that is on the other blog.

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