Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dad Updates

Yesterday Dad was scheduled for a Gamma Knife procedure. Dad has trouble holding still, even under sedation, but finally the pre-procedure MRI was finished. Once the Gamma Knife procedure started, Dad still had trouble holding still (he wiggles and fidgets like a 3 year old) and the doctors stopped the treatment because they were worried he might injure himself, and or damage the machine. During that break, the neurosurgeon said that the morning's MRI showed that there was more tumor growth, and there was concern that the procedure would do more harm than good. We decided to stop the procedure. It doesn't sound very good. We're looking into use of a drug called Avastin, it works by interfering with blood vessel growth. Right now we don't know if Dad is a good candidate for this treatment.

Emotionally I'm a bit down, but much better than yesterday, when the news of the tumor growth left me feeling winded. I can accept and face the end result of this cancer, called glioblastoma, but find that acceptance isn't the same as being prepared for some of the day to day realities. Puzzled by some of Dad's behavior, I called the neurosurgeon's office last week to ask some questions. I was told that behavioral, even what seem like personality changes, are typical of glioblastoma patients. Aggressiveness, possessiveness, forgetfulness, lack of focus, I forget all the "ness"es. Typical, and the patient isn't aware that its happening.

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